There is a web of myths being knitted in Mullah factories now a days. They are busy cooking all sorts of tales of innocent people being killed by army in Swat and FATA. The purpose is to put pressure on armed forces, so the operation is ended prematurely and Taliban can find much-needed breathing space.

A similar web of conspiracy theories was also knitted at the time of Lal Mosque operation, including the most bizarre one about some thousand kids killed by the armed forces. Any sane mind would at least inquire, for those thousand kids allegedly killed in Lal mosque operation, there should at least be 2000 parents, 4000 grandparents, a few thousand siblings, uncle and aunts. If there were all these thousand kids actually killed then where are all the relatives disappeared? Shouldn’t there be these 10 to 15 thousand relatives marching on the streets of Islamabad holding pictures of their kids (Palestine style) demanding for justice?

This is not a new phenomenon, I remember another Mullah myth from the earlier days. When I was young, there was a myth about polio drops were birth control medicines, which would make Muslims incapable of producing children. It was argued that it is part of Jewish conspiracy so Muslim population can be reduced and Jews can take over the world. Luckily, I took those drops and today I am a proud parent of a beautiful daughter. Those who refused must be lumping around somewhere cursing themselves and the Mullahs for their follies.

Moral of the story: Use your brains to think and let the nuts be nuts.