FREE Judiciary


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Ever had opportunity to appear in courts after restoration of FREE judiciary?

Poor Shabir Tongaywala thought that FREE judiciary would mean he will not pay Rs. 100 bribe at his hearings in the court. During the struggle for freedom of judiciary he cancelled his tonga service for pick and drop of school children to participate in Wukla (Lawyer) protests. He did a simple cost:benefit analysis, the loss of income now will be more than compensated under FREE judiciary, when he will not pay Chai Panni (bribe) before his hearings.

Poor bugger, only after the restoration of FREE judges has he realised that judiciary was FREE for political elite living in Raiwind palace. For Tangawalas like him, the bribe has raised to Rs. 200 instead.


2 Responses to “FREE Judiciary”

  1. Areefa said

    Very accurately presented and i can respond with Parveen Shakir’s one verse, “baat tou such hai magar baat hai ruswaiyee ki”

  2. Faruque Malik said

    Judiciary is part and parcel of the dark state.It is as free as it was years ago. It will remain free with or without any struggle. It is only the people who are not free. A time will come when people will have a slogan “We want freedom”. The onus of struggle rests with the people. “Koi un ki soi hui dum hilay day!!!!”

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