Explaining Mullah


My friend once asked, if every person with a beard a Mullah? ‘No’, I replied, ‘because comrades also have beards’. Mullah is a person with specific mental state of shallowness and that it can exist in any person with or without a beard. Mullah can be Muslim or a non-Muslim. ‘A prominent non-Muslim Mullah is George Walker Bush’, I explained to my friend. ‘So how does one may characterized a Mullah, what are the symptoms?’ he asked. ‘This is how I would do it’, I told him.

To determine if person is a Mullah, I will examine behavior pattern of that individual. If I see following symptoms of ailment I will immediately back off and avoid a prolonged argument.

  • A person who can’t have a logical debate for more than two to three minutes and is prone to cyclic arguments, repeated statements and appear to go in circles.
  • When contradicted with a logical argument a Mullah will get aggressive and can show hostility toward smarter beings.
  • It is very typical of them to call opponents names. Depending on their cultural background and affiliations they can start with historical villains like Abu Jahl, Abu Jandal (for Muslim Mullahs) and then can accuse you of being Russi (Russian), Umreki (American), Hindustani (India) or Yodi (Israeli) agent. On the height of their frustration they may also call you homosexual or Kafr (Infidel) and demand for your immediate elimination.
  • They may also lead a mob (or army) of like-minded to bully and kill opponents.
  • There are occurrences where infected individuals have carried out suicide missions like blowing themselves up at public place.

Unfortunately, infection is airborne and can be transmitted to vulnerable minds through rhetoric statements and hate mongering. Mullahs are also found to use modern means like video tapes and internet to transmit this disease to distant places. They will only target weak minds as prepared individuals can easily outsmart them. Prevention is best remedy as very few cases of infected getting cured are witnessed.